Website Management

If the website services from your brother-in-law’s best friend’s neighbor’s son didn’t work out try our affordable professional services.

Website Maintenance – Keep your website up to date and fully functional with our Website Maintenance Package. Troubleshooting and tech support. Content editing.

Website Hosting – Low-cost hosting that includes regular updates to a WordPress website framework and plugins. Backups of websites and databases 3x daily, 1 weekly, & 1 monthly and SSL security at no extra charge.

Website Speed Enhancement – You lose 10% of your audience each second it takes to download your website. Speed will improve your website’s response rate, conversions, leads and sales.

Technical SEO Tune-Up – Everything that isn’t part of any typical website design. Your website can’t move your firm forward in the search results, but can certainly hold it back.

Association Website – Individual member permission to create and edit their own page. Auto placement in a directory by industry and map location. Advertising options to offset website costs and/or generate revenue. Optional SEO.

Website Lease – A new super-fast website design that includes maintenance, hosting, and technical SEO tune-up. Your website becomes an operating expense instead of a capital expense.