Website Speed Improvements

Website Speed Improvements2019-02-11T21:21:52+00:00

Website Review

  • Ensuring your site is following best-practices. This surface-level scan will will help you identify the biggest pain points on your website.

Optimization Pass (Best Value)

  • We will implement all optimizations suggested in the previous tier, as well as help address any major bottlenecks affecting your website. This process may require minor visual changes as we implement more performant alternatives.

Active Optimization

  • Website optimization is many layers deep. While the earlier “low-hanging fruit” do offer the greatest impact, continued iterative optimizations are still possible. This service is considered ongoing, and visual changes should be expected. – Includes all of previous tier.

If You Have A Slow Website It Will:

Lose 10% Audience Each Second

A website that takes a long time to download is very costly to a business.  The “rule of thumb” is that for each additional second it takes to download (render on the screen after the link was clicked) you’ll lose about 10% of the remaining audience.

Unfortunately, the trend in website design is towards larger, bloated websites that rely on an enormous number of files to download before they are rendered in a browser.

Have A High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, the measure in Google Analytics of people that hit the back button on their browser after trying a single page of your website grows substantially when the site is slow to load.

Create An Enormous Hidden Cost

Wal-Mart found that for every second of improvement, their conversions increased by 2%.  Amazon estimates that an additional second of load time would cost Amazon about $1.6 Billion in sales in a year.  Slow websites are enormously expensive.

We can help you speed up your website.