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Basic Website Services

If your website is not up to date or not functioning perfectly, you are turning people away.  Your website should not repel people.

These are the basic services that every website owner requires.  The big difference is that our basic services are affordable:

Never Worry About Your Website Again!

Ask About Website Basics

Get all of the features of hosting and maintenance in one Hosting+ package

Hosting Includes:

Maintenance Includes:

  • Fast Server

  • Convert To Secure Site HTTPS

  • Annual Domain Name Renewal

  • Create email addresses

  • Daily Backup

  • Install Google Analytics

  • Update WordPress Version & Plugins

  • Unlimited Text Edits

  • Create Slideshow

  • Create Image Gallery

  • Page Creation

  • Page Deletion

  • Create Monthly Analytics Reports

  • Create Sitemap for Search Engine Consumption

  • Unlimited Image Edits

  • Convert to secure site HTTPS

  • Fix Existing Slideshow

  • Fix Existing Gallery

  • Fix Broken Links

  • Configure Google Analytics To Record Goals

  • Create robots.txt file To Help Search Engines

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