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Marketing Research Reports

We could offer you a great solution, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to know what the problem is first?

This is the kind of knowledge from research you won’t find in a Google search because it’s customized for your business and your competitors. Does your website have any issues? What is it going to take to surpass your online competitors?

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Basic Website Services

If your website is not up to date or not functioning perfectly, you are turning people away.  Your website should not repel people.

These are the basic services that every website owner requires.  The big difference is that our basic services are affordable:

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Technical Performance Services

These services are well above and beyond what is typically offered by website design services. Website design focuses on visual content presentation and how the website visitor can find what they need with ease. A less than perfect website will be a disadvantage to you whether the visitor is a person or a search engines.

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Website Design

Every business needs a website. The websites we offer come with some built-in advantages. Not only will they look great but they come with maintenance, hosting and technical SEO (described above) built-in.

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Conversion Measurement

Conversion measurement gives you the feedback that allows you to determine what’s working and what’s not working in your marketing program.

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Advertising Management (SEM)

Unfortunately, most small business advertising accounts do not generate a positive ROI. The default account setup almost guarantees failure. It’s ruthless out there – there’s no accountability! Who is going to tell you it’s not working?

We offer single event and ongoing advertising services.

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There is a single question that summarizes SEO – is your website pretty effective or just pretty? Your website determines how competitive your business is out there in the marketplace.

We offer single event and ongoing SEO services.

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Do you require multiple services? Let us come up with a package for your business.

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