SEO Program Development

We are making some changes to the services we deliver. This isn’t a reaction to COVID-19. The Coronavirus Pandemic will go away at some point but we’ll still be working with a new and improved program.

A Hidden Opportunity

Every website gets traffic.

Your website has a purpose. It urges people to take action (fill out a form, contact us, make a reservation, buy a product, etc). Some percentage of your website traffic will take the action you want them to take.

Improving a website’s conversion rate (the percentage of people that take action) has the same effect as multiplying the volume of traffic to that website.

Conversion Marketing – A Fundamental Change

It’s a common practice for us at Pinnacle to initiate research projects with the goal of improving the results we deliver to our clients. It’s how we spend a lot of our time.

A few months ago as we got deeper and deeper into a particular research project, it became clear this project was unlike other projects and ultimately, it completely changed our perspective.

We have always focused on generating more website traffic for our clients. Our client’s businesses grew as a result of the actions we took to improve organic results, map results, Google Ads or any combination of those.

There is never a bad time for a website to perform at a high level.

Adding more traffic can solve almost any website problem, but bringing a lot more traffic to an inefficient or ineffective site is actually a waste of resources. Besides, not all website traffic comes from search engines.

To better serve our clients, we felt the best course of action for us was to adopt a new strategy that would deliver greater success. Instead of trying to solve every problem with additional traffic, we now focus on using data to improve website results.

Most Businesses Collect Website Data

Data is collected on most websites using Google Analytics (a free tool). Most of the time that data is not very valuable to a business owner. They might see a report filled with data but it doesn’t offer much in the way of insight. Very few small businesses are using Analytics data effectively. Anywhere.

Data-driven improvements to websites offer an advantage that has been mostly available to big businesses. We know we can make a significant contribution to small businesses in this area.

Very few small businesses are using Analytics data effectively.

Using Data to Improve Results

We are committed to a course of action that places the value of the data driven decisions above the value of additional traffic.

Here are some examples:

  • What if you knew your referral traffic generated 82% of all sales inquiries?
  • What if a new headline on a page produced 5.2x more leads than the current headline?
  • What if you found out that two keywords generated more sales from your ad campaign than all of the rest of the keywords combined?

Data insight like these examples offer would likely cause a business owner to make some changes and direct more resources to where they would have the greatest impact. Insight from data is what business owners need to improve their results and have greater confidence in the decisions they make.

Success comes from what happens after the click…

Traffic + Effectiveness = Even More Traffic

Amazingly, data-driven improvements to a website that result in better engagement statistics also improve the positioning of that website in the search results. A website that makes the best use of its traffic is rewarded by the search engines with more traffic!

Opportunities, Solutions & Experiments

The data can only present problems or opportunities. It doesn’t solve problems and it doesn’t take advantage of opportunities. We’ll work with the data. We’ll present the opportunities or problems to our clients to “brainstorm” possible courses of action. We’ll set up any required experiments or changes, monitor, and report the results – then repeat the process.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.