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Everything you need to know about Quality Score in 2 minutes or less.

Quality Score (QS) was created by Google in 2005 as a way of protecting Google’s revenue stream.  Google generates revenue every time someone clicks on an ad.  If there is an ad that is occupying prime space on a page but is not getting clicks, then there is an opportunity cost for Google.  QS fixes that problem by “levelling the playing field” for ads.

In Google, the QS is assigned to the keyword on a scale of 1 to 10.  If an advertiser has an ad with a low QS because appears in the wrong keywords, or is not closely matched or relevant to the keywords, then it’s not going to get many clicks.

Google simply adjusted the cost per click (CPC) and the bid so it didn’t matter to Google.  Any other solution would probably have required some intervention or oversight, increasing Google’s costs.

Google is not the only search engine to use Quality Score, Bing and Facebook, for example, both use a similar version.

Quality Score is relatively unknown and severely under-utilized despite being the most important factor in search engine advertising success.


A Quality Score Example

1. From Google’s point of view:

A low Quality Score means a high cost-per-click.

A low Quality Score means a low bid, with ad placement lower on the page.

2. From an advertiser’s point of view:

A high Quality Score means a low cost-per-click.

A high Quality Score means a high bid, with ad placement higher on the page.

3. Cost Per Click

Quality Score of 1/10 means a cost-per-click of 10 times the cost-per-click of an ad with a 10/10 quality score.

Quality Score of 5/10 means a cost-per-click of double the cost-per-click of an ad with a 10/10 quality score.

4. Bidding

Quality Score of 1/10 means a bid of 1 times the cost-per-click bid.

Quality Score of 5/10 means a bid of 5 times the cost-per-click bid.



If you are an advertiser, you can rate your advertising performance through Quality Score.

If your entire campaign is 10/10, then that’s as good as it gets.  Any increase in conversions would have to be through valuable keywords as yet undiscovered, or adjustments and constant improvements to the sales process after the ad is clicked.

Doubling your Quality Score is the same as doubling your budget!


Pinnacle’s Competitive Edge

We use code in the ad and in the landing page to ensure a top quality score.  The relevance and the matching can’t be more precise as the keyword someone typed into the search engine is actually included throughout the process.

If we can access the source code of your website, we can get you a top quality score.

  1. Our entire program focuses on Quality Score
  2. Our client’s ads and landing pages are coded to get maximum results
  3. We employ rigorous, continual advertising management based on Quality Score principles
  4. We create a feedback loop so advertisers can make informed decisions

Check out more details here:  Advertising Management Pricing

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