Position Report Disclaimer & Details

Position Report Disclaimer & Details2019-02-27T14:34:10+00:00

Please Note!

Please Note! We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the position report each month!

These reports occasionally have extreme movements that are not reflective of the actual position in the search engines. The more extreme the movement the more likely it is a temporary result.

Movement of more than a couple of positions from month-to-month in most keywords would be unusual.

This is the second position reporting app we have used and temporary wild swings in positions are still common. The cause of extreme movements is unknown, but it’s not a problem with the app that produces the report.

Why Even Send A Report?

We began issuing these reports as a convenience for our clients.  It’s an easy way for each client to see how well their website is doing in the search engines without having to check multiple keywords in multiple search engines.  Most business owners check one or two keywords, but that doesn’t offer a complete picture. However, there are some features of the report that should be noted.

All Keywords Are Not Equal

On the report, the keywords appear in a list in a column.  Because of the way they appear, it makes it seem as if they are all the same.  Each keyword is unique in the amount of traffic it brings to your website in any given time period.  When there 10 or 15 keywords in a list, it gives the impression that they are all of the same value, the only thing that differs is their positioning.  That’s misleading.  One keyword may bring in more traffic than all of the rest of the list combined!  We specifically target the most important ones with each client’s website, but we also include many secondary keywords in the list.

Volatility Is Common

There can be a great deal of volatility in the search results depending on where you are when you search, the time of day, the type of device you are using and the big one, the customization of results in your browser.  There is also a lot of volatility among lesser keywords – those keywords where your site shows up in the results, but a keyword that we are not necessarily aiming for.

Also, from time to time, as noted above, there are huge changes that do not reflect reality.  Those reports always look terrible, but there’s no way to prevent them or know when they are about to happen.  Again, the more extreme the movement shown in the report, the more likely it is not accurate.

Google Customizes Your Results

When you logged into your Google account and search, Google will use that information to alter the results you get.  As an example, if you visit your own website often, or maybe visit a competitor’s website often, those will start to appear higher in your search results than they would appear to anyone else.  The report you receive avoids the customization of the results so it may seem different than what you see when you search.

Reading The Results

When you see results like the results in the image below, the first number means it’s on the first page, and the number in brackets is the position in the map search “3-Pack” results.  If there is no mention of the words “Local Pack” then either map search results are not available for that keyword, or it’s not in the top three.  The number you see would then be the regular, organic results.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please ask!  alan@pinnacleinternet.com or call 613-8928-6950.