Mobile Friendly Deadline

Mobile Friendly Deadline

Google Sets Important Date


In a rare move for a company that typically announces significant changes after the fact, Google has recently announced that April 21, 2015 is a date worth noting.  Here’s what Google says:

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.  This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.


This change is part of Google’s effort to improve the overall user experience.  The ultimate website is a great resource, filled with great content that is viewable by all, easy to navigate, and actually answers the searcher’s query.

Also, at this time (early 2015) it’s typical for most of our clients to have at least one-third of their total website traffic coming from mobile devices.  Many have 50% and more and those numbers keep growing.  Don’t ignore this vitally important segment of the total market!

How much of your website’s traffic comes from mobile devices?  That information is available in a Google Analytics report for any website that collects data.

Have you ever used a cell phone to view a website where you have to expand the screen just to see the text, or expanded the screen to make the link large enough to click, but then can’t find it?  These are the types of annoyances Google is hoping to eliminate.


So, would this affect your site?


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What can you do if your site is not friendly?


1. Responsive Website

The best option in the long run is to have a responsive website.  Soon, there won’t be any other kind, I’m sure.

What’s a responsive website?  It’s a single website that works on any device.  Google has stated that it’s their preferred choice.  Also, it’s easier to maintain than to have two separate websites.

2. Mobile Version of  Your Current Website

There are a lot of options in this area.  Most website designers will create a mobile friendly website for you, based on your current website.  If that’s your choice, then I’d suggest you make that phone call right away!

One option that our clients have had a lot of success using is DudaMobile.  This website allows you to create a mobile version of your current website with just a few clicks.  The cost is less than $100 per year, or $160 for life.  It’s a great option for those not in the market for a new website design.

Note – We are not an affiliate, and do not benefit from the sale of DudaMobile sites.

3. Just Leave It!

If you leave it as it is, you may be okay if your competitors don’t have mobile friendly websites either.  That’s not a strategy we’d recommend but it is an option.  I’m sure that many website owners will unwittingly choose this option.


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