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Marketing Management for Small Businesses

marketing problems Marketing Problems?

Are These Your Marketing Problems?

These are some of the problems our clients had before we started working with them:

  • Yellow Page advertising became ineffective
  • Competitors seem to be everywhere online
  • Had a bad experience with SEO
  • Marketing was a mess and they didn't know how to fix it


our clients Our Clients

Who Are Our Clients?

We work with the owners and managers of small businesses like these:

  • Small business owners working in their business
  • Most with less than 20 employees
  • Bricks and mortar location
  • Local market customers
  • Established business
  • Most already have a website


what do we offer? Services

What do we offer?

Some of these are single transactions, some are ongoing programs:

  • Analysis of your existing marketing program - what do you need?
  • Hosting & Maintenance - someone to help you look after your website.
  • Search engine results for local markets and cell phones.
  • Search engine results for customers in multiple cities or countries.
  • Pay-per-click advertising management - maximize your return.


our clients Fees

What about fees?

All of our clients are small businesses so our services have to be affordable for a small business.

  • Deep discounts for new clients.
  • Affordable for all small businesses.
  • Special programs and incentives.


why us Why Us?

Why Us?

Our competitive advantages:

  • Specialized - unique programs for quick success.
  • Exclusive - we won't work with your competitors
  • Simplified - we make it very easy for our clients.

We understand small businesses because we are a small business.


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I have utilized Pinnacle Marketing Management for my business promotion since 2013. During this period, my sales have grown significantly and Pinnacle has added tremendous value to my brand. Through customer surveys, I have ascertained that the largest share of new clients has come from internet searches (and my website). Obviously I am pleased with the results and I attribute this directly to Pinnacle Internet Marketing as they have provided my small business with solid, steadily improving search engine optimization results. Also, Pinnacle has provided me with valuable guidance on improving my website in general (including nudging me along when necessary). I am pleased to strongly recommend Pinnacle Marketing to other businesses. - Sean Misfeldt, CPA, CMA - Owner, Misfeldt Accounting

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Marketing is telling a story about your value that resonates enough with people that they want to give you money. ~ Seth Godin